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August 20th, 2014

Happy Anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Emery

Simply Moyer would like to wish Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin, aka Mr. & Mrs. Emery, a very happy 4th wedding anniversary! Here’s to a year filled with health, joy, love, and prosperity to Steve, Anna, & their family. And here’s to a fantastic future for our favorite couple post True Blood. Their future is definitely a bright one!

August 20th, 2014

New Photos & Synopsis for True Blood Finale

HBO released new photos and an updated synopsis for the True Blood finale, Thank You. The episode description isn’t hugely different, but the changes make for new speculations, especially when it comes to Eric and Pam.

Sookie weighs a future with and without Bill Compton. Eric and Pam embark on a new enterprise, while Sarah faces the consequences of her actions. Sam embraces his new life; Andy comes upon an unexpected inheritance.


The new photos have Bill still infected with Hep V and Sookie looking happier than we’ve seen her in awhile. Let’s hope it’s because of good news for Bill.


photo credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

August 20th, 2014

Sneak Peek for True Blood Finale

Does Sookie really think God made a mistake in making her and the other supernatural creatures that inhabit the world? We’ll have to wait until Sunday to find out. Just four more days!


August 19th, 2014

True Blood Finale will have Extended Time

The True Blood finale, Thank You, will air with extended time on Sunday, August 24. It may not be the 2 hours True Blood fans hoped for, but as the saying goes; beggars can’t be choosers. Viewers will be getting an added five minutes. It may not seem like much, but when you consider there’s been episodes that weren’t even fifty minutes in the past, an hour plus seems like heaven.

Make sure when you set your DVR or other recording device you select ‘extended time’ or you’re going to miss out on what may be the most important five minutes in seven years.

August 18th, 2014

True Blood: No Words

The True Blood cast share or … try to share what being a part of True Blood means to them. After watching this video, I’m sure you’ll be left speechless too. It’s very touching, so we would once again, suggest you may need to have some tissues ready.


August 17th, 2014

True Blood Finale Preview – “Thank You”

Next week at this time, we’ll know Bill’s outcome once and for all. Will he survive, or will he succumb to the true death? Brace yourselves for what is bound to be a very long week! But in the meantime, we can watch (and rewatch) next week’s preview clip for “Thank You.” We’re definitely thankful for the “I love yous” between Bill and Sookie …


August 16th, 2014

Advanced Review for True Blood Episode 7.09 – “Love is to Die”

Roman Ossust of Spoiler TV once again gives us a preview for the next episode of True Blood, “Love is to Die”. We should be getting a fair share of time with Bill this installment, since his choice to not be cured of Hep V was a shocker. Let’s hope he changes his mind.

Turn back now if you wish not to be spoiled.

“Love Is To Die” is a great episode, it’s a solid installment which will resolve some of the secondary stories, and of course it will focus on Bill’s choice not to drink the antidote and its consequences for the ones who loves him. (Sookie and Jessica mostly). You can expect them to react differently but they both won’t understand Bill’s choice.

Actually, I didn’t understand it first as well, but in “Love Is To Die”, Bill will have a chance to explain himself and his speech will be quite efficient. Bill has really thought it through, he has solid arguments, but the best part of his speech is who he is delivering it to.

But Bill isn’t the only one to have solid arguments. Although he has convinced himself he is doing the right thing, someone or something could make him make change his mind.

- Hoyt and Jessica will continue to see each other and to explore their special bond, causing troubles in Hoyt’s couple. But Bridget has a friend in Bon Temps to make her feel better : Jason Stackhouse. So, this triangle square love thing will get messy and some of them might end up heartbroken.

- Arlene will organize a dinner at Bellefleur’s. I love those kind of scenes in True Blood where the characters meet, share time and laugh together. And Arlene will give a very emotional speech to Sookie, once again.

- Remember last time we saw Sam, Nicole gave him an ultimatum about leaving Bon Temps. Well, Sam has made his choice and I was actually quite surprised of his decision. I’ve never really liked Nicole anyway but I really wanna see her give birth.

- A very emotional scene between Bill and Jessica, between the maker and his progeny. Deborah Ann Woll made me shed a tear.

- A very hot yet very weird sex scene between a vampire and his fang banger.

- A hilarious scene between Pam and Sarah. They are the two funniest characters on True Blood right now. Kristin Bauer van Straten and Anna Camp are amazing in that scene. The writers really exploited their comic talent.

- A very interesting and meaninful scene between Sookie and Eric. I have missed a scene between just the two of them during the season so I’m glad they finally have a chance to sit down and talk.

- Jason will open up in one scene, and for once Ryan Kwanten can prove he can do more than just being hot with his sexy body, his charming face and his perfect smile.

- Jessica will finally have a talk with James about their former relation, and about James’ new relation with Lafayette. It will be good for them to have closure. It’s the theme of those final episodes after all.

And finally, the quotes game from “Love Is To Die”. Who will say :

- “That is the most selfish thing I’ve ever heard”
- “We ain’t gonna have sex tonight”
- “One drink from you, and a vampire is good as new”
- “Death is scary. I’ve been avoiding it for a thousand years”
- “She knows”


August 15th, 2014

“Almost Home” Recap – Bill Compton Style

By Mary

Our two lovers are now reclining on Bill’s sofa, light blanket over them, a contented calm in the air. Bill’s eyes are closed in a moment of peaceful respite from the emotional turmoil within. Sookie, snuggled up against his chest, traces  blue veins with her fingertip. Bill breaks the silence: “You’re awful quiet. What’re you thinking?” Sookie: “Nothin’.” Bill smiles wryly. “Sookie, you have the least quiet mind of anyone I’ve ever known. Quiet Sookie is a thinkin’ Sookie. A penny for your thoughts.” Sookie hesitates for a moment, then confesses that she’s been wondering about something from their past. “I’m just askin’ so I’ll know, OK?” Sookie wants to know what QSA’s plans were for her after Bill found her. Bill relates that Sophie Anne knew about Queen Mab’s plan to collect all the faes and halfings and take them back to faerie, closing all the portals for good. Sophie Anne wanted Bill to find out if Sookie was truly fae, and if she was, to bring Sookie to her, “so that she could start … breeding you.” Sookie is shocked, as she sits up, exclaiming “Breeding? … I mean I knew she was crazy, but … Fuck!” Bill responds philosophically, “We all want what we can’t have. And when we’re denied it for long enough, we lose our way.” Sookie has one more question. “Why didn’t you bring me to her?” Bill’s voice is low and filled with emotion. “…from the very first moment that we met, you reminded me what it felt like to have my human heart. The problem was … it was only a memory. All I had was darkness to give you in return.” Sookie shakes her head, looking intently into Bill’s eyes as she answers, “No. That’s not true. There was love there that I’d never felt before. I didn’t even know it was possible. I couldn’t have felt that if you only had darkness.”

To continue reading Mary’s recap, click here.

August 15th, 2014

Anna Paquin Took Home What? More from the Peter Travers Interview

When asked what props from the True Blood set Anna and Steve took home, it looks like Anna got the best the set had to offer … and Steve didn’t do too bad either.


August 15th, 2014

See Ya’, Bill! See Ya’, Sookie! – An Interview with Peter Travers

Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin turned in some very entertaining interviews while on their promotional tour in New York City back in July. One of their stops was with Popcorn’s Peter Travers. There’s many a giggle in this delightful interview of almost 13 minutes and includes some lovely bantering between Steve and Anna. The discussion centers around True Blood, but includes an anecdote about Dave the Rescue and the couple being blamed for the end of the iconic show. Enjoy a few seconds of Steve singing.


Watch more news videos | Latest from the US

August 13th, 2014

“Love Is To Die” Preview Clip & Photo

Click for Bigger Bill

Feast your eyes on this great pic of our favorite vampire, Bill Compton, from True Blood’s upcoming episode, “Love Is To Die.” Actually, Bill, love is to take the damned antidote!!! When you’ve had your fill of the Bill photo, check out the video below featuring a heart to heart between Arlene and Sookie. What a delightful friendship that has blossomed between these two women!

Photo Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO

August 13th, 2014

True Blood Synopsis for Finale Episode -”Thank You”

Here it is, folks! The short synopsis for the finale episode of True Blood. Could this mean Bill survives his Hep V if Sookie is making a decision about a future with him? If so … Pick Bill, Sookie, pick Bill!

Episode #80: “Thank You” (series finale)

Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 24 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)

Sookie (Anna Paquin) weighs a future with and without Bill (Stephen Moyer). Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) struggle with their uncomfortable partnership with Mr. Gus (Will Yun Lee). Sam (Sam Trammell) makes a choice, while Andy (Chris Bauer) comes upon an unexpected inheritance.

Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Scott Winant.

Sookie could have this for her entire life!


August 12th, 2014

True Blood Spoilers for Episode 7.09: “Love is to Die”

Some minor spoilers were shared by TV Guide and Ausiello for this Sunday’s episode, “Love is to Die”. Don’t panic yet, Bill fans!


Question: Bill can’t die! I know everyone does on True Blood, but please tell me that he takes the cure. — Andrea

TV Guide: With only two episodes to go, there are a lot of narrative threads to tie up, including the issue of Bill’s mortality. I will only say this: At least one original cast member will say goodbye for good this week. In possibly related news, a longstanding love triangle will be resolved and you’ll see one of the show’s weirdest — and funniest — sex scenes between a long-unrequited pair.

Question: Any intel about Arlene and Keith from True Blood? They are adorable together and I can’t get enough of them. —Lily

Ausiello: Not everyone will get a happy ending on True Blood, Lily, but I think it’s safe to say that Arlene and Keith will be among the lucky few. Though we’re not going to get another pool table scene, this Sunday’s episode does show the effect Arlene’s relationship with Keith is having on her. (Spoiler Alert: She’s a very happy woman.)

This vampire cannot die!

source 1 source 2

August 12th, 2014

Bill Compton Memorabilia Goes to Auction

We’re not happy top see our favourite vampire, Bill Compton, disappear from our TV screen, but this bit of news adds some excitement to our sadness.

Steve mentioned in one of his recent Comic Con interviews that HBO was going to be auctioning quite a few items from the True Blood set. Well, here it is! This is your chance to own some authentic Bill Compton memorabilia. How about a set of hard fangs worn by Stephen Moyer? Or one of Bill Compton’s jackets?

Screen Bid has 5 authentic Bill Compton items available for viewing now, that will be going up for auction starting August 20th. But, if you have another favourite True Blood character or you just want to nab something from Merlotte’s Bar and Grill, like it’s front door, you’ll find something to desire among the fifty-five items that are listed now for bidding. If none of these items hold particular interest for you, just wait, as Screen Bid will be adding over fourteen hundred more items to the list.

You can see the auction now, and you can begin bidding on August 20th. Screen Bid will begin closing the auction on August 25th, by closing items individually — lot by lot — over two days. The final item will close on Aug. 26.

For an entire item description click on it’s picture.


  • These are the fangs of Bill Compton (as played by Stephen Moyer).
  • The True Blood Vampire Bill Compton wore these individually crafted hard fangs onscreen.
  • True Blood producers had each pair of fangs built especially for the character, and the artists who created them made both hard and soft sets. These fangs come in a plastic case.


  • During season 4 episode 9, Bill wears this great distressed barn jacket by Rag & Bone during the Festival of Tolerance. (Actually, this jacket was worn by Bill when Sookie dreamed of her three-way with Eric and him.)
  • Almost anyone would enjoy wearing this beautiful outfit, and fans of True Blood will love owning it. It’ll look great displayed and will be a treasured part of any collection.


  • Bill Compton, the vampire king of Louisiana, kept this authentic zebra hide rug in his mansion in Bon Temps. The rug is complete with zebra head and tail, measuring approximately 10 x 6 feet.
  • This great item was located in Bill’s entryway and will look great wherever you live or work. It’s a fantastic True Blood and Bill Compton item.


  • Before Bill Compton became the vampire king of Louisiana, he was a First Lieutenant in the 28th Louisiana Infantry during the Civil War. You might remember seeing Vampire Bill in this gray Civil War era military jacket during a flashback with his family in Season 7 — a memory that reconnects him to his erstwhile humanity.
  • This is the jacket of Bill (as played by Stephen Moyer).


  • A very cool set of three framed images, direct from Bill’s renovated house.
  • This beautiful three-piece print of a whale’s skeleton hung just above the grand staircase in Bill’s Bon Temps mansion.
  • Each of these framed prints measures 22.5-by27.5 inches.
  • It’s an amazing piece of True Blood artwork, fit for a vampire king, a regular king, or the king (or queen) of your castle.


You have to register to bid and don’t forget to read the terms and conditions of winning, because Screen Bid is going to add on a 24% buyer’s premium and $14.95 handling fee.
View the Bill Compton Auction List
View the full True Blood Auction Catalog.


August 11th, 2014

Kate Barnow on Bill and Sookie’s Resolution

Almost Home’s writer, Kate Barnow, gave an interview with Entertainment Weekly’s Mandi Bierly where she attempts to shed a little light on Bill’s heartbreaking decision at the end of the episode. She also discusses the significance of Bill and Sookie’s post-coital chat. Ms. Barnow gives some great insight, so we might even forgive her for forgetting that Bill fake-glamoured Sookie back in season five …

Sookie and Bill’s postcoital pillow talk at the start of the episode is obviously key because it begins setting up his decision at the end to not take the cure.

And it was a big scene because really as a viewer, you’re asking yourself if you’re happy or not about them getting back together. You can’t help but ask yourself, how can Sookie trust him after everything they’ve been through? So she sorta goes back to the beginning and asks the question, was this love based on the real stuff? He answers what she needed to get closure on—whether or not the love was true. We went back and forth on a couple of different versions of it, and I think that we landed at a place where we got some really good emotional information, but we also get some interesting background information—information about Bill’s past, the mission to go seek out Sookie. I think Anna [Paquin] and Stephen [Moyer] played it so beautifully, and it was a really special scene on the day because it felt like the culmination of seven seasons of conflict between the two of them being resolved—but in a very bitter-sweet way because it’s at the end when he’s dying.

I know the writers want to make Sookie more active this season, so after Eric shows up to tell her he’s cured, she follows him to Fangtasia even though he tells her he’ll come back to her.

The idea was that Eric would feel kinda at a new place emotionally, which is that he has, to some extent, acknowledged that he has compassion for Sookie, even though she’s a human being. So with this new lease on life, for him to say, “I really want to reassure you that I’m not gonna die”—his whole plan is completely stymied when he gets there. He went with one thing in mind and learns something completely different. And then it’s this conflict of the enterprising Eric up against the romantic Eric. He’s like, motherf–ker, this keeps happening to me: Every time I let my guard down and care for Sookie, it gets in the way. But for Sookie, of course, she’s desperate, and there’s no way that she’s not gonna go after Eric when she finds out there’s a cure. She was just a little bit behind him because he can fly, which, you know, is an advantage. What is truly fun is watching Sookie see the Yakuza standing outside of Fangtasia and just being like, “Okay, I’m doing this anyway.” It feels new, but it’s kinda the same old thing: Sookie’s pursuit of trying to get what she wants, and usually it has something to do with Bill, is gonna mess Eric and Pam up in a big way.

I love that Eric pretended to glamour her, so Mr. Gus would think she knows nothing about the cure.

It was Anna’s very first time having to play glamoured in seven seasons.

In the end, Sookie goes against Eric’s orders again and brings Bill and Jessica through the tunnel to the basement of Fangtasia. Bill decides he doesn’t want to drink from Sarah.

Truthfully, we were a little concerned that maybe with all the flashbacks that people would guess this was where he was heading, that he was heading into this very fatalistic place. I think Bill has always been at conflict with himself as a vampire, and the thing that has kept him going has been Sookie. But I think that he’s feeling fairly resolute at this point that his time is nigh. That’s certainly what episodes 9 and 10 are gonna explore. Who’s to say if his time really is nigh? The moment where he decides he doesn’t want the blood is largely connected to the dream he’s had where Sookie’s holding the baby void. All of those flashbacks, that dream—everything’s adding up to this should be the end. That’s why he decides it, but all hell is about to break loose. People are not gonna be happy with his decision.

To read the rest of the interview, please visit the source.